Monday, November 29, 2010

Newer Job. Newer Life.

Sooo...Here's the thing. Remember when your Mom tells you "When things seem too good to be true they usually are" and you don't believe her? Well. She's usually right. At least in my world. Anyway, I quit that last job (yeah drama.) and now actually am working for a new company part time. "Holy crap! That was fast!" You say? Yeah. I am lucky to have good networking abilities. (Heidi, you're my lifesaver!) I don't want to say which company because I'm hoping that it will possibly turn into a FULL time position but don't want to jinx it. Basically that old job was a really bad situation. Really bad environment mixed with really bad stress levels = bad wife and friend. You get the picture. When I came home sobbing last week John told me it was time to find another job. I'm so grateful for understanding husbands! Anyway, once again I do feel blessed and thankful to have a job in this bad economy and feel even more grateful for the wonderful and friendly environment of this new one. I never knew how important it is to feel safe and content in the workplace. I'd like to bear my testimony about it...ahem...ha. JK. But seriously.

P.S. Yes, I'm still doing graphic design work. Which is so awesome. If you'd like the deets of the whole dramatic situation feel free to call me.

P.P.S. "deets" noun:  an individual feature, fact, or item we shall consider all the deets of her story her meticulous attention to detail.

Soooo for your enjoyment I finally got around to posting pictures of what we've been up to the last 8 or so months. Enjoy! 

Just my favorite game of the year. Except I was FREEZING. But oh so worth it! Go Utes! P.S. we rushed the field. We're cool like that! You're jealous.

Horseback riding with John's Mission President and Companion (and wife) right before 
the snow storm. That's right, Mission President. He likes hanging out with us ok?

Hermana Tingey Baptisms! Wait a that Bryan and Peter on the left? 

John's bee-stung hand. So much drama. 2 trips to the doctor finally cured it.

Completing my first ever half marathon. Just to make Becca proud. Felt like I was doing something with my life. Ha! 13 miles is sure a long way. I can't imagine going another 13! Marathon-ers are crazy.

Summer "Family Swim" days at Hanks'!

Bear Lake

Lake Powell

Fourth of July

John's Birthday

1 Year Baby!

Cancun with the In-Laws. Thank you Jane and Gord!

PHEW. That's all folks. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Excuse me, Sir? EXCUSE ME SIR? Yes. I am talking to you.

Why are cops such jerks? Sorry if any of you out there are in fact one of these horrible specimens or know a friend of a friend who's husband is one. Cops are JERKS, period. Take last night for example. While coming home from the gym (I know this blog is making me sound like I work out a ton. I promise I'm not OCD about it. Oh. wait. ok maybe just a little. Listen, there is a Zumba class on tuesday nights I take to dance away my frustrations of life. Oh, and it's kinda fun to shake my butt like a latina. Yeah, I just said latina. I could have said Mexican, but that would have been racist.) Annnyway while driving home two cop canine units go whizzing past us. (by us I mean John and I. He swims, I dance. We're just trying to re-live high school. That's the thing.) When we get close to home we realize that in fact, those canine units were cruising to OUR neighborhood and there weren't only two. There were about 15 cop cars and cops with dogs walking ALL OVER the place. What in the? Of course they are parked like in the middle of the effing road so you as a passer by has no idea whether they meant to do that and block of the road or whether they are just being power hungry. Orrr maybe they were in such a hurry to save a life they just stopped and didn't realize where they had parked. yeah right.

So we edge up all close trying to squeeze by and get to our apartment. Some cop is standing by his car acting busy so I roll down my window and kindly say "excuse me sir?" about four times. He doesn't even respond. I'M LIKE TWO FEET AWAY FROM YOU! Get off your high horse of "I'm a Bad A$$ because I'm a cop and I have a gun and a big stick thing. Oh and a taser" and talk to me! I live in this neighborhood and it looks as if there is a murderer on the loose! So please, kindly explain to me whats going on so I don't sit out here and snoop. Well he didn't. The cop ACROSS the street did and this was his response "Go on home. We're looking for someone" Oh. thanks. now I feel so much better. He could have even patted me on the head with that response. Go on home? What are we five? Oh and just looking for someone. don't worry about it. We only have about 6 canine units on the loose sniffing around. But just go on home. awesome.  So we did. we went on home. Only to find out on the news that three guys had kidnapped a woman and high-jacked a car and blah blah blah doing bad guys stuff but they had only caught 2. One of them was in my neighborhood last night. creepy!! oh and just a side note cops? If I were on the run, i wouldn't be close to the roads. I be hiding and hopping back yards. so next time try going a little deeper. Just saying.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sushi is so trendy.

Or at least that's what people say that DON'T LIKE sushi and feel jealous that they aren't part of the trend. Well guess what folks? I LOVE it. So I'm totally trendy. Officially. In fact, if you've been to more than 5 different sushi restaurants then you can join my club. Well, since my Oh So Handsome Husband has vetoed the "ocean creatures are food" world I have to get my sushi kicks with others. Last night happened to be one of those awesome times. Hooked up with a bunch of old classmates and couldn't have had more fun. Best part was? It was at a BAR. In UTAH. So I felt even more hip and with it. (Even though I only ordered water and the waitress was annoyed. She's fine. Sorry I don't drink. So sue me.) Yum!

PS. Yeah, I know I need to update what I've BEEN up to so that'll happen eventually. Soon I'll have a smathering of pictures of "what the Hanks' have been up to the last 9 months" cause trust me, it's a lot. and it's interesting. Is smathering even a word? Also, do you know how hard it is for me that I have a new last name that ends in 's'? Try saying Hankses. it gets annoying fast. Sigh.

In case you were wondering what John was doing at home while I was enjoying raw fish, here it is.

Wasting his life away playing PS3 which I broke down and let him purchase BEFORE christmas. Much to my mother's chagrin. What was I supposed to do when he begged for 3 days???

So if you know what to get him for Christmas please holla at me. oh, and it better be cheap. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Job...New Life

So, I got this new job. (WHA-FREAKIN-HOO!) And every morning I now have a set routine. Get up at 5:30 am, exercise with parents, (yeah, I can't let go of home. you're fine. or, it's just that my husband would never in a million years get up at 5:30 to do something he "doesn't want to do") shower, rush to work and then log in and catch up on emails and blogs. This little ten min in the morning is crucial to my day. Now all I need to do is start updating my blog. it's coming I promise. Little by little I get more and more inspired to do it. One of these days it might just happen! It also helps that I have this new awesome friend at work named Bill who is going to help me make my blog 'oh so unique and chic'. We'll see. Anyway so here is my preface, I will begin blogging sometime soon! 

PS. My job is at a digital design studio in West Jordan called JV2. It's awesome! I feel extremely blessed to be working again and actually doing what I graduated in. The best part is that soon I won't have a long commute to West Jordan! Cause we're moving downtown. Stay posted.