Friday, April 2, 2010

Dumpster Dilemma

So here's the thing. I don't know why I keep doing these things to myself, but some how I manage on a daily basis to live up to my nick name of Struggle Buddy (thanks to my darling husband whom I adore and appreciate. We're so happy.) 

Today's story begins when I was being such a good wife and doing the dishes. A little background for you, I work from home so my paychecks come via mail. Well, I've been waiting on a rather fat check to come which happened to be sent to my parents this week instead of our apartment. While I was at my parents, I didn't have my purse and made the mistake of sticking the fat check into a random grocery back I was carrying. Red flag No. 1. That should have caught my attention but it didn't. So back to the dishes (ps. this is like 3 days after that) while I'm scrubbing away I realize that I THREW THAT BAG AWAY yesterday....and john took out the garbage yesterday (just playing our roles of dutiful husband and wife, don't mind us.)

Panicing, I call John to break the news that I just threw away a month's worth of income. Instead of yelling at me he just started laughing. Is this a hint? He was probably wondering can my wife really be that dumb. well, yes. I can as a matter of fact. Then he told me to go check the big dumpster out back. Again, laughing he said "and you might have to climb into it".

Well that's just what I did. I walked right up to that dumpster and saw our particular bag. with my hands on the side of it I had to do a quick "shifty eye" surveillance to make sure no one was watching and trying to look completely normal like jumping in dumpsters is something I do often, I hoisted my self up and fell right in. Let me tell you the smell was horrid.

I got the check and felt all victorious and then realized that the foot grip I used on the outside of the dump was not on the inside. annnnd it's about up to my shoulders. Great. So i was stuck jumping and jumping trying to get out praying that someone wouldn't drive by and wonder what in the world I was doing. Yes I survived and finally got out but not with out gross black goo all down my arms and front. NASTY. Don't think i'll be taking a trip to the dumpster any time soon. Just saying...