Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, so that wasn't so bad.

One of the main reasons I hate the winter and snow so much is because I have to trudge around in it on campus all winter long.  All of you who love snow and skiing/snowboarding and kiss it as it falls from the sky, I'd like you to honestly look me in the eyes and tell me you don't mind walking around in it on campus.  Cause I KNOW you hate it as much as I do.  But, last week during that first frigid snow day I found one thing I don't hate about walking around campus in it.  There I was, bundled up to my ears, red nose, head down, pants rolled up, trying to manage my umbrella and cursing under my breath, when I looked up and saw Mr. Snow Man walking past me.  This poor guy had no umbrella nor hood and he was bravely walking directing into the snow.  Head up and hating life.  He had snow plastered EVERYWHERE.  Bless his heart.  All I could see were his eyes and mouth where the snow had melted a bit.  Seriously.  He was a snow man.  I started laughing so hard that I forgot how miserable I was.  So, thank you Mr. Snow Man for helping me to realize that, although walking on campus in the weather is hell, somebody is always worse off than you and it's dang funny.