Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L is for ''LOTS OF THINGS''

yeah. it's been awhile. Sorry. to those 3 people who read this blog, i have been having a bit of what we like to call ''blog depression'' lately (ie: feeling like your blog is less than adequate and that you have nothing interesting to say coupled with the fact that you're sending it out to the void and only 3 people read it regularly which means you're left with an ''IS THIS EVEN WORTH IT'' mind-set. yup)  as well as a general case of the blues at home. Which hasn't lent to posting. Not to slop my emotions all over this thing but...there you go. BUT today, the sun is shining and I have officially drug myself out of the L is for Less than adequate rut and am posting again. yay. Maseltof. (sp?) Ha! My new L is....drum roll please....

L is for LUST

Last night we attended the Bruno Mars concert and I can tell you that I am fully lusting after him. O.M.G. I love him. After googling what ''mix'' he is, I found that he is Hawaiian-Asian-African American-Puerto Rican. And Mmm Mmm boy does it do him well! Yum. 

Plus, the man can S I N G so...over all it was pretty amazing and worth every penny. Bruno Mars in Salt Lake City again? I'M SO THERE. 

ps. I was not, in any way, seeking for compliments by complaining that my blog is less than adequate. I PROMISE. Do not feel the need to post something like "sarah! You're awesome and your blog is super duper, I promise!" hahaha just felt like venting my true blue emotions for half a sec. That's the thing. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

K is for ''KICKIN' IT''

Nothing better than kickin' it with your ''person'' over the weekend. John and I celebrated our anniversary on saturday. (2 years baby! tear tear...) Taco Bell, a neighborhood park, a blanket and some sunshine (FINALLY! right??) I couldnt' have asked for a better way to spend the afternoon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yeah. I admit that that seems/sounds quite bitter today and, although my super-bitter-breakdown-cry-fest was yesterday, this is the aftermath of that. Which is JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. Not in a rude bi-otchy sort of way but just a literal way. I don't want to deal with much today. I'm tired. I have bags under my eyes from crying so much yesterday (you know it's bad when you start AT WORK and don't stop till like 8pm) My hair didn't work out today. I feel fat and bloated due to a ''special week''. My shoes hurt and basically I just want to whine. So if you don't want to hear it then just walk away slowly.

I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully.

PS. There is one thing that brightened my day today. A guy at work had his family come in to meet him for lunch and his little boy kept asking (over and over like kids do when their parent doesn't answer...) "is dat yo phone dad? is dat yo phone dad? is dat yo phone dad?" Little kid talk always makes me smile. If you haven't seen Out of the Mouth of Babes go see it now. And you don't have to be a mormon to appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I is for ''INSANE''

Sorry about the lapse in posts. I had some family-ness going on the last few days and lets be honest here, family DEFINITELY comes before blogging. Sorry. Just to add to the excuses I've also been nursing a small head cold as well as watching John study for his LAST. FINAL. EVER. Wha-freakin-hoo!!!! Done. Done. Done. No complaining about homework and causing me to use my favorite phrase "You're FINE" forty times a week! Maybe I'll miss that though...(Also, yes, you read correctly. I was WATCHING him study. Not helping him) Weird how that works. John likes background noise when he studies so he usually puts the tv on to some dumb ESPN channel which I hate so instead of fighting that battle I just watch him study. He likes it. He says he likes me best when I'm just sitting on the couch BEEEE-ING with him. Emphasis on being, not talking. Boys are so weird. What's the point of me just being with you when I could be TALKING with you????? But, I had sinus pressure and was grumpy so watching worked.


I is for Insane. We went to the SuperCross thing on saturday night and it was the coolest thing ever. I can't believe some people have the guts to do things like this! We were lucky and were sitting right in front of the huge-est jump. Man these guys got air! It was cold but we were smart and brought blankets this time. (Learned this important lesson after going to a recent Real Salt Lake game and freezing our sorry butts off while we watched those around us wrapped up in blankets along with their parkas...) I must say that it is quite a good people watching crowd that emerges for a motorcycle event. Let's just say I started feeling sorry for myself because John wasn't wearing trendy-studded-knock off jeans and I didn't have thick white blonde streaks in my hair. But then I remembered that I have feathers in my hair (which is totally in ok?) and felt better. Plus I had my skinny jeans on. So...whatev. Anyway, it was an awesome event. Couldn't get enough!