Thursday, March 19, 2009

So I'm weird. But I already knew that.

So, has anybody experienced the phenomenon of having conversation with yourself? I'm sure you have. Mine usually happens for some reason when I'm putting my makeup on in front of the bathroom mirror. Random useless conversations (that are about strange topics) flitter through my groggy morning brain. Sometimes I catch myself, standup straight, blink a couple times and then laugh at my confused face in the mirror. But this I don't find as weird as something else I do.

I write emails to myself. Yes, you just worried for my sanity didn't you? Well, I usually send emails to myself with attachments I need so I can print them at school or whatnot. But the best part about this is I actually write a little note to myself. Yep, I do that. Sometimes they're boring, encouraging or funny, but usually I just say "here you go." as if I didn't know I was giving it to myself. Wow. So now I'm a eating junkfood-working at home-sitting in my pjs-emailing myself kind of person. How interesting. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Read if you're bored. If not, don't. Cause it's lame.

I'm a fairly OCD online banker. This means I check it at least twice a week to make sure everything is ok. Ok meaning no bounced checks or overdrafts going on. (Cause I'm really rich.) 

Well, sad to say I've been neglecting this duty and the other day I got online to make sure I had enough in my checking to write a check for our first RENT payment (woot woot! yeah, we're growing up!) oh and which, might I add, is incredibly low because we found a frickn' sweet place! But, needless to say I still needed to check and make sure all was A-OK on the bank-account-front. 

To my horror I saw there was $0.00 as the 'running balance'. Yep, you read right, $0.00. WHAT? at about this point I freaked out and called the bank. For some reason I never just relax and try to figure out what's wrong myself...I always call. That's what those annoying customer service reps are there for right? I guess somehow it makes my day to hear the annoyance in their voice when my problem is usually lame.

Well, here's something else about me. Because I'm so OCD and into the online thing, I've got automatic transfers set up. I hate to have more than necessary in my checking and so usually when my paycheck direct deposits in, I have most of it transfered into savings. Welllllll (long dumb story, I know. Sorry.) Turns out I updated those transfers wrong and ended up transferring ALL of my checking into savings. Which caused me a heart attack and a $15.00 overdraft charge...oh and an annoyed customer service rep. Bummer. So much for being all with it and organized! This has only increased my OCD levels...which I didn't need. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Love/Hate relationship-like most things in my life...

I really am trying when it comes to this blog thing.  Emily, I really am sorry! I'll try to post more so that you can read mine when you're bored.  Cause my life is so I think you're the only one in the world who reads this or knows it exists, so this is a shout out to you. holla. 

Anywho, so racking my brain trying to come up with what to post I once again was reminded how much I love/hate working from home. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly lucky that I get to set my own hours and such, but I've soon realized I have little self control. If ever I'm here and I feel a little hungry I'm all "hmmm...lets go check out the pantry, and the fridge, and the food storage...." and suddenly I've got wrappers surrounding my desk, chocolate remains on my keyboard, mouse and face and I'm wondering where the mess came from! Or...I'm sitting here reading emails calculating all my deadlines and feeling stressed when...oh! The phone rings! What? I have deadlines? Who cares. I've got a conversation to catch up on. 

Or, the most embarrassing of them I am at 12:02 in the afternoon still in my pjs. Jealous? I knew you would be.