Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Weeks!

I'm feeling a little lopsided these days. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yay for my favorite place on earth.

A big thanks to the Hanks who made this awesome trip possible!

Pretty please don't try to guess which legs are mine and which are my husbands. Just cause his are shapelier than mine doesn't mean...well...fine. He wins the awesome legs game. I'm just fat and pregnant! It was the angle of the camera!

The trip was a major success! Complete with no injuries, Gord's Baseball of the top of the houseboat, Waterpolo Extravaganza and Jet Ski Timed Course. What would we do without that man to keep us hopping? Sitting and READING in LAKE POWELL? Don't' even think about it!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tennis is just a bonus

The other night we got together with some friends to play tennis and eat pizza. Now, I am being liberal by saying ''PLAY''. There really isn't much playing going on unless you count the boys playing against each other. 

In fact, for some reason, tennis is much like golfing between John and I. The patience lasts for about 15 min an then it's like "Ok honey wanna pick up your ball and put it with mine?" As if that's such a nice splendid idea he just had to RELIEVE me of the burden of my incompetent-ness and non athletic talent. 

But actually what that translates to me is "Babe, I love you but you suck (bless your heart) and what I really wanna do is play some golf/tennis/basketball. And, believe it or not, even though this is 'you and I playing for fun', I really am going to be competitive and you're getting on my nerves with your 800th swing and miss. So please, let's pretend you're five years old and you can take a practice swing every so often while I REALLY play the game. Mmmmmmm-K sweetheart?''

I get it. I'm not good at Tennis (or golf) BUT...at least this time around we had John's hottie friend there who happens to be a college tennis player and MVP and who happens to have the patience of a woman and the arms of a greek god. He sat with us ''incompetent women'' and taught us how to play tennis. 

And you know the funny thing? I actually learned a thing or two and GOT BETTER. Weird.

(I must add that John ALSO looked super hot playing tennis...)

Dinner of champions!

The famous lesson. Look how good we look! Aren't you impressed?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The requested picture...

Britt...this one is for you!

PS. I would like to note that I have finally reached the week where my stomach is poking out farther than my bum...which was REALLY hard for it to do. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

$20 was so worth it.

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. To say I've had a rough one is an understatement. BUT something happened this week that made it worth it. almost. I'll start with the not fun stuff--reminding you about the car accident I got in.

That was real fun.Then, mid week I found out that my employer is switching their insurance. Which, wouldn't be bad except for the fact that I happen to be PREGNANT and...oh....what? My doctor AND hospital aren't covered under the new insurance?!? That's awesome. I'm not attached to my doctor at all and switching mid way through a pregnancy is "no biggie" right? Right. Needless to say I have been on the phone with about 5 different insurance brokers going over the finer details of possibly switching to John's insurance or filing for a 90 day extension.Thirdly, Thursday night, while leaving work, I happened to drop my phone from my hip to the mat under my chair which busted the screen completely. Buying a new expensive phone is not what I wanted to do after spending $500 on fixing our white trash car. So...$230 later we were back in business.

I can't tell you how much I needed the long memorial weekend. Monday we decided to hang out with some friends and, while the boys watched the game, us girls decided to walk to 7-11 to get a slurpee (note my slushy cravings here). While walking down the street I happened to look down and see a bill on the sidewalk. Thinking it was only a one dollar bill I reached down to pick it up and quickly realized it was A TWENTY!! Who just finds a $20 on the sidewalk?!? ME. I DID. After whooping and hollering and waving it around cause I was so excited, my friend crossed her legs and told me to stop it or she would wet her pants. At this moment I made it a few more steps and then got laughing and realized that I might wet my pants as well. So there we were, me squatting down, her crossing her legs, both laughing our heads off and praying that we didn't wet our pants. Well...at about this moment she decided to say ''We are like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb!" 

Crap. That did it. Pushed me RIIIIIGHT over the edge. I, Sarah Hanks, wet my pants on the side of the road. And then I walked the rest of the way to 7-11 shamelessly. Because I REALLY wanted my slurpee. And, since I found twenty dollars it was free. 

I must say that this felt like the icing on the cake to my whirlwind of a week. And yes, that $20 was so worth it. (For the most part)

Friday, May 25, 2012

It rained today.

Great video for a gloomy, rainy, friday. I am not a sponsor for method products and i don't have any cool giveaways to go along with this (like other bloggers would do) but the mere fact that it made me laugh today has me posting it here. Cause that was hard to do today. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Word On Cars.

Apparently, when it comes to operating large machinery, I can't be trusted. I got in what the insurance agency calls a ''Fender-Bender'' last friday. Perfect way to start the weekend…right? Now, before you go pointing fingers and whispering let me relay how it happened. Because the first thing John asked me (after making sure I and the baby weren't physically hurt of course) was ''You PROMISE you weren't looking at your phone??!" YES! I PROMISE. I was driving downtown minding my own business when suddenly the light ahead of me turned yellow. The van in front of me probably had color-blindness issues because he SLAMMED on his breaks like it was glaringly red. I proooobbbbabbly was following a tad too close because I didn't have enough time to fully stop before I hit him. But who slams their breaks at a fresh yellow light?! 

Luckily no one was hurt. He was a nice guy and didn't call the cops so I didn't get a ticket. (That may have been because he and his drop-dead-gorgeous wife were all dressed up and heading somewhere fancy that they were in a hurry for…but i'm gonna pretend it's cause he decided to have pity on me.) 

Did I mention I was driving our lovely forest green 1995 Geo Prism and he was driving a MERCEDES? And that lovely Mercedes bumper is gonna cost more than our entire car cost us? *sigh* 

Crazy enough, John and I have a friend who performs miracles with cars and was able to get ours in the shop and fixed up in no time. We decided since there was no engine damage to just bend our hood back in place and replace the light. Thus, causing our already ghetto car to look more ghetto with a new large dent and white scratch. Ah well, what do you do. ALSO, just to note: you know you have a crapy car when the auto body shop guy makes fun of you for it. That made for a great monday morning. How do you come back from that? Answer: You DON'T. You accept it, chuckle politely while dragging out a ''yeaahhhhh'' and change the subject. 

And onn that subject…I'm PRETTY SURE that I get judged every time I drive on the freeway. It was an amazing new concept when we got our Geo Baby this winter. People TREAT me like I have an old car. Speed up waaaay fast, ride my butt for two seconds and then zip into the other lane while not making eye contact with me as if I don't exist. ''SIR! I was going 78mph! And you my friend are driving a PRIUS. How are you judging me?!" I may look old and decrepit in this Geo Prism but it's got guts ok?! I have never felt stereotyped in my whole life until we bought this car. Maybe that's healthy for me to feel what the minority feels like. I do however feel part of some group now. Like, how, while dating an ex boyfriend, I learned that motorcyclists have a language. While passing they stick out their hand and do a thumb and pointer finger salute. Apparently you're cool if you know this. Well, now i'm part of the ''Yes, this baby is still running'' group. Every time I pass someone in a car relatively like mine we do the half-grin-nod. Yeaaaaahhhh I got you. Word. And then I turn up my music REALLL loud to compensate. Can we call this ''Old Car Syndrome'' as well? Probably. Somewhat similar to ''Little Man Syndrome". 

Maybe we shouldn't' get me started on syndromes….

Here's a pic of our car instead. Happy driving.