Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm a cry baby.

Yes, it's true and totally embarrassing. (to those of you who are shaking your heads thinking what a loser, or her life sucks, or glad that's not me, you're all little liars because you know that it IS you. there's a cry baby in all of us...mine just tends to come out and play more often than most.)

In fact I have a recent and funny story. A story that wasn't so funny two days ago, but somehow is totally hilarious now. I was having an awful day. By awful I mean, running late, PMS, homework due, missed my bus, feeling fat awful. and mind you, this was all by nine forty in the morning. Not a great start. well anyway so the class i have in the early dawn is water aerobics. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not regular aerobics, yoga or pilates...WATER aerobics. or you may best know it by grandma exercise. I thought it'd be fun. definitely a result of one of those spur of the moment decisions. oh and the best part? I dragged my freshman sister Jess into it too. I'm a gem. (she's a gem banister.)

Part I: So picture this. Me, wet swimsuit under old ratty exercise clothes, upset and headed off to commuter services to get my parking pass. cute huh? at commuter services i wait in a line about thirty min long. I was there to pick up my pass and a pass for my sister. Well a little background...John and i share a car (we're going green. oh wait. we're just poor) and we take an institute class together. so when the teacher asked if we both needed a pass, we said "no, we only have one car" so the teacher wrote JOHN HANKS on the card and handed it to us. Well this ended up screwing everything. So to make a long story short the snotty 40 year old (or plus) ronch of a woman sitting behind the desk wouldn't give me a pass because the card had JOHN's name on it and not mine. even though he is my husband and even though i signed it and put MY u of u ID number on there. Oh and the best part? SHE GAVE ME A PASS FOR MY SISTER WHO WASN'T EVEN THERE. but she wouldnt' give me a pass for my own car. hooker. and things got a little heated between us arguing so she even took me into her back room. yep. like the principals office or something. What am i in third grade? UGH!

Part II: Picture this. Me still wet swimsuit under now wet clothes. marching over to the institute to get ANOTHER card. totally pissed. Well I got to the institute and of course it was a hassle to even get another card. These sweet institute ladies were even giving me a hard time! What a rotten day. So, it came. It bubbled up and had to be let out. I started bawling right in the middle of the institute. Bawling. the kind of crying that makes you choke and make weird noises. (how I was praying someone I knew wouldn't walk by...) so the ladies felt bad for me and finally gave me a card. but the best part? The sweet little lady came out from behind her desk to give me a hug and bring me a cookie. Holy crap. don't you love being a mormon? anyway, that just made me cry harder and she started rubbing my back while hugging me. I think that I am officially five years old and staying that way. There I was, bawling holding a cookie and getting a hug from a grandma. Needless to say I did end up FINALLY getting my parking pass. And the best part? The hug and cookie actually made me feel better. Thank you Sister Institute.

Monday, September 7, 2009

#1 Pet Peeve.

When the cougars win. Period.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mawridge is wat bwrings us hewre togeder today

There are a million things to say about the last five months, but i'll have to be content with some pictures. Blogging is like journaling. The more you try and wait to catch up, the more happens. So here is my big fat attempt to recap the last five months and move forward in faith. What? I don't know. My husband has only been home for like 13 months so we're really spiritual over here. Actually he's just sitting here watching me, telling me which pictures he looks good in. So here it is. an actual post. (Yes, em this one's for you.) It's long but you'll get over it.

Where's Waldo, 101.
John's first parade. It was a big day.

Dear Emily and Mike, Thank you for making us get out and actually do something with our lives. Here we have our first attempt at camping. Of course, I forgot the stakes to our tent. Struggle buddy.

Yes, we're so proud of John. He can count to ten AND sing his ABC's!

Boys Vs. Girls. Somehow water weenies make you laugh. How this works I have no idea because without fail someone gets hurt every time. But they are one of those classic things from your childhood you don't let go of


After. Somebody's wittle face was stinging.

John and I concluded that since he can grow a real beard, he
is a real man. And actually, against my better judgement, I think
he'd look smokin with a go-tee. Is that how you spell it?

Becca's mission call. Houston Texas baby! How I'll miss thee...let me
count the ways.

Back in DC visiting Meg.

I went to Baltimore for a leadership conference (cause I'm really involved and outgoing, which
John just loves about me.) And who would have thought that Baltimore
would be one of my new favorite places! Did you know that Baltimore was where
Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem?! My real favorite part about this trip was when we went out on the town and got drunk and danced on a bar. Ok omit the drunk part.
But we did manage to get a shout out from the DJ and dance on the bar.
I'm cool.
You're jealous.